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4 Common Reasons Why Retailers Fail to Generate LP Awareness

Posted on 9/11/15 11:11 AM

Retail associates are the first line of defense when it comes to loss prevention. Generating loss prevention awareness via your associates will prevent more loss than any technology, program element or initiative. However, it is also one of the most visible failures of many retailers; to create and sustain adequate LP awareness. Here are 4 common reasons why retailers fail to generate successful LP awareness. 

  1. Don’t talk about theft with their associates

Retailers who believe that discussing theft with their associates is not appropriate are doing their company an injustice. Some believe that telling associates how to steal will lead to more internal theft. This article tells you why that is not the case

  1. Fail to educate associates first

The failure to properly educate associates on the policies, procedures, methods and means of preventing loss is where many retailers fail. Education is much more than handing then a manual to read or a movie to watch. Before you can expect them to be aware, they must be educated. Learn more aboutawareness v. education

  1. Fail to train and educate specifically to their associate base

For the first time, retailers have associates that could range more than 4 generations. Each generation of associates has a different means of learning, different views of the workplace and a different understanding of their role. The youngest generation, the Millennials , have a very unique way of learning. Learn how to deal with our new workforce. 

  1. Fail to incorporate loss prevention into business operations

Retailers who treat loss prevention like a separate “part” of their business are less successful than those who incorporate loss prevention into their business operations. The concepts of loss prevention should be part of your sales process (think customer service to prevent shoplifting), point of sale, store design, etc. When you generate awareness to loss prevention while training on operations, you will see your associates better understanding how to prevent loss.

Looking to generate better loss prevention awareness in your retail stores, distribution center or overall company culture?

Let LP Innovations help. Contact us for a discussion on how we develop unique, custom loss prevention awareness solutions that incorporate best practices, corporate culture and multiple mediums to educate, train and provide continued awareness.

Authored by: Ray Esposito    


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