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What will be the Loss Prevention Challenges of 2011?

Posted on 12/28/10 9:30 AM

Counting down the days to the end of 2010, we are looking forward to what the New Year shall bring. It is easy to say that that last few years have been challenging and hopefully our industry continues to make progress over the next twelve months and beyond.

With the New Year comes new challenges. This week we are asking our readers to look ahead and tell us what might be their loss prevention challenges for 2011.

What area(s) of loss prevention will challenge you or our industry over the next year?

Here is a list of some loss prevention concerns. We would be interested in hearing what you may think will be the greatest concern, biggest challenge to retailers or area of focus for you this new year.

  • Supply Chain / Product Diversion

  • Organized Shoplifting (A new concern to you or a growing concern)

  • E-Commerce & Online Fraud

  • Budget & Resource Constraints

  • Privacy Laws and Investigative Restrictions

  • Identity Theft & Data Protection

  • Shrink and Loss Management

Over the past couple of years, loss prevention management has been tasked with doing more. Some due to budget and resource constraints, while others to ensure a seat at the executive table.

What do you see as the change in landscape for loss Loss Prevention Challengesprevention in your company?

What challenges will you take on to show increased value to your organization?

Where do you see the concerns of tomorrow for the loss prevention professional?

We appreciate you reading our weekly posts and would like to hear from you.

To you and yours, we wish you a Happy and Safe New Year.

Written by David Johnston

Topics: Loss Prevention program and development

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