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What’s Your Real Loss Prevention Risk?

Posted on 11/5/13 12:00 PM

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RiskSurveyUnderstanding actual loss prevention risk can be challenging. We do not operate in a static environment and consequently, complete access control over assets is not possible. The amount of risk contained in a particular company or company location is dependent on many factors and most of those factors are determined by the behaviors and the attitudes of the people - both employee and customer - who frequent the location.

That is not to say, however, that we can’t get a general idea of our associated risks. It simply means that any risk analysis predicts better on the low score than on the high. In other words a great score does not guarantee the absence of loss now or in the future, but a low score does demonstrate a high probability of loss if someone wishes to target your assets. In that manner, the overall score is less important than the individual scores for each point of analysis and exception are more critical than areas of compliance.

The Loss Prevention Risk Survey provided offers a double-check for an established program or as a foundation for building a new LP program. The survey gives a participant a method to determine both his or her over all risk and to identify specific areas for concern. It relies on questions on areas most associated with exposure to loss and areas related to potential loss from theft and error.

Although one can use several methods in survey creation and apply a number of weighting and scoring paradigms, our goal was to create a survey that was quick to complete, easy to use, and direct in approach. LPI recommends that if a low score is achieved, the participant should apply a deeper level of analysis to their risk assessment or implement programs and processes to satisfy acceptable criteria. In addition, the survey contains a “real time” questionnaire to analyze the risk by a particular location. The questions are designed to determine if the location has or recently has had indicators of poor operations and potential dishonesty.

To read more about the survey format, its layout, and weighting please visit us below to review and download.


Risk Evaluation Survey Donwload

Topics: Loss Prevention program and development, policies and procedures

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