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Carnival of Blogs

Posted on 12/30/15 1:00 PM


With just two selling days left in this holiday season, we figured that there might be less time or energy for absorbing new ideas. So this week we are providing a recap and links to some of our favorite blog topics.

What Honest Employees Won’t Tell You

Companies spend billions of dollars each year combating the billions of dollars lost to theft and error. Much of the money is spent on personnel and devices used to deter, detect and resolve issues that result in loss. Often we overlook the best and most educated source of information - our employees. Sure we put in tip lines and we often provide some loss prevention training and at times we may even speak with someone below management level. But even when creating shrink action plans or resolving audit exceptions we tend to…read more


Bad Loss Prevention Habits

Life without habits would be inefficient. You probably haven’t given thought to “how” to tie your shoes since you were six years old. You can easily back out of your driveway ( a complex series of movements) while drinking coffee, checking your email, and singing to your super secret copy of Celine Dion. 40% of our daily activities are done through cognitive remote control…read more


Who’s Doing the Interview

I won’t belabor the details and statistics on employee theft. Most readers know internal theft account for almost half of a business’s losses and that a dishonest employee steals seven to ten times more than a shoplifter. Employee theft resolution is the, perhaps better written “THE” key component to healthy loss reduction…read more


Do More with Less

Modern business language is chock full of flavorable terms and phrases. Things that sound really nice, but are more verbal optics than possible realities. Like the Penrose Triangle these little bites of wisdom exist in the endless universe of theory but seldom stand the test of practice. The issues arise when we start to believe that these nuggets of corporate-speak can represent an achievable goal…read more





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