Download 5 Proven Steps to Improving High Loss Locations

Does your business have perennial locations that are high in inventory shrinkage or loss?

How much profitability could you achieve by improving your worst loss prevention performing locations? 

LP Innovations presented this webinar live as part of their Loss Prevention Thought Leadership Serices.

We are sorry you missed the live webinar, but now you have the opportunity to download the slide presentation and speaker notes. In our presentation you will learn how to;

  • Identify those locations that when improved will bring greater profit opportunity to the entire company
  • Develop, Execute and Measure a Target Store Program to determine root causes of loss
  • Educate employees so that these locations reduce opportunities for loss and no longer become high loss concerns.

Developed using LP Innovations' experience and knowledge of working with companies across multiple retail segments and verticals, our proven programs are built on these 5 steps.


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