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September is National Preparedness Month: Is your restaurant prepared?

Posted by LP Innovations

Sep 14, 2011 10:30:00 AM

“Be prepared.” That is the Boy Scout Motto and should be yours, particularly this month. September is National Preparedness Month and in light of the many recent incidents (such as earthquakes, floods and hurricanes) and the upcoming holiday season, we at LPI thought it best to provide you with some web links to help you “be prepared.”

Be PreparedNot all incidents can be avoided; however when they do occur, you (and your team) can be properly educated and prepared to take appropriate action. Preparation and familiarity of your plan can often mean the difference between failure to act and readiness, which can translate to the difference between loss and safety. As loss prevention professionals, it is our responsibility to ensure that people, property and profitability are protected from various situations that can cause loss of life, damage to property and lost revenue.


To learn more about each of these links, click on the title to be brought directly to their website.

National Preparedness Month Coalition

FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Association) has created a coalition to help businesses better communicate, plan and be prepared for a variety of disasters, situations and incidents. Retail associations like the NRF (National Retail Federation) have joined to support and promote this coalition. Sign up as an individual or business for access to a variety of resources, alerts and information regarding various incidents and potential situations.

OSHA Emergency Planning E-tool

We should all have well developed emergency planning in the event a situation occurs. OSHA has an e-tool available on their website to help walk you through the steps of creating a basic Emergency Action Plan (EAP). Check out this tool along with the OSHA website to learn more on how to properly plan for emergency and evacuation programs.

Workplace Violence/Active Shooter Education

Unfortunately, the world has seen an increase in the number of violent acts occurring in retail and public environments. Protecting yourself and your employees against acts of violence begins with educating them on how to respond when a situation happens. The Department of Homeland Security created a training tool to help companies in the education of response in situations of workplace violence situations. If you are interested in understanding more about “Active Shooters”, read our recent blog article, written by Steven May, CEO & President of LP Innovations.

Holiday Loss Prevention Preparation Kit

The holidays are right around the corner and getting your employees prepared should begin as early as possible. We have prepared a Holiday Loss Prevention Webpage and downloadable kit to help educate employees about the nuisances of the holiday months and how to keep everyone safe, monies secure and inventory protected during this busy season. The kit is available free by linking on the above title.

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