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What Loss Prevention Resources do you use?

Posted on 2/12/16 10:44 AM

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bigstock-Magnifying-Glass--Social-Netw-23023712.jpgToday’s digital connectivity provides us with many forms of communication and information; Google, Wikipedia, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram to name a few. We also have traditional mediums of information, like newspapers and magazines that have turned digital to make content more readily available to a wider audience across the globe. With all this information available, how do you determine which is most useful and what resources do you rely on to get your information?


Those who have been in the loss prevention profession for more than a decade or so can remember when there were no magazines, blogs or other media supporting the growth of our profession.  When we needed information it meant calling a peer to get statistics or emailing stores to put out a BOLO (be on the lookout) or other pertinent information. Sharing information, although more personal, took much longer than it does today.

We also did not have the information available to keep up on either the industries we served or the LP profession. We relied solely on information obtained at annual conferences. Now we have specific magazines and many more associations supporting our efforts to learn, continue our training and access statistics at the touch of a button.

With so many forms of communications and loss prevention resources available, can an individual keep up with all this information? Do you often feel like there is too much information? Spending all day looking at news, updates and more?

Communication has many meanings. To stay focused, you need to determine the reason(s) you utilize these communication tools or read online information. Is it to network, to educate yourself, or to research a specific topic? Each piece of digital content you receive in your inbox or paper you receive in the mail should have a purpose.

Staying informed and connected within the industry is important no matter what level your profession. Getting involved in discussion groups, reading blogs like ours or reading every issue of an industry magazine will keep you informed, which should aid you in your career.

Personally, I continue to explore the various means of gathering information, both online and in print. Some I read religiously and in entirety, others I easily dispatch with a delete or unsubscribe; opting out of future issues. What is useful to me may not be useful to you or someone else. That is why so many forms of connectivity exist today.

I encourage you to keep exploring the ever-growing world of information available to us in the LP profession. I also encourage you to go outside your profession and seek out resources that may make you a better retailer, restaurateur, business person or other career. Even though our day to day “jobs” may be full of long hours and busy work, we grow through the development of knowledge, staying current with the information out there and always looking forward to the next development. You never know where that next “Best Practice” or idea that you can implement in your company may come from.

Written by Tim Casey, Director of Corporate Services


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