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Baggage Claim

Posted on 4/8/16 10:00 AM

As humans, we were born selfish. Our instinctual need to be the most important part of our own universe runs through all our veins, and rightfully so. Without “me” being the top priority in everything we do every single day, we would never survive. So, it should come as no surprise that our own life issues are carried with us at the top of our minds, everywhere we go- including work.

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Denial: A Cure for Crime and Everything that Ails You

Posted on 3/21/16 9:00 AM

A man walks into the doctor’s office and the doctor inquires, “what’s the problem?”

“It’s my arm, doc. It hurts when I move it.”

The doctor considers the issue for a moment and then responds, “well don’t move it.”

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Why You Should Be Using Social Media at Work

Posted on 3/4/16 10:00 AM

The Benefits of using Social Media Tools in your Loss Prevention Program

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Prosecution or Restitution - A Business Approach

Posted on 2/26/16 9:54 AM

Our legal system allows us to seek remedies when we are the victim of theft. We can pursue criminal charges or we can seek civil recovery of the loss, and sometimes both. Often we can pursue financial compensation for the cost of our security efforts. When strangers are involved, resolution is a straightforward and rational enterprise. A substantial amount of business losses, however, is the result of employee theft. Employee theft can create an emotional response that adds to the complexity of the situation. Since employees are trusted “members of the family,” the theft can feel very personal. In that psychologists contend that ninety percent of our decision-making is emotional (not you and I, we are completely rational decision makers of course), it is critical that a company develops clear prosecution and restitution guidelines in advance of a specific theft situation.

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Topics: employee theft, policies and procedures, Audits and Investigations

4 Alerts for Real Prevention

Posted on 2/19/16 9:51 AM

LP FAQ in 2 is a new blog series by LP Innovations which answers the mostly frequently asked LP questions in about two minutes. 

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Topics: loss prevention, LP FAQ in 2

What Loss Prevention Resources do you use?

Posted on 2/12/16 10:44 AM

Today’s digital connectivity provides us with many forms of communication and information; Google, Wikipedia, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram to name a few. We also have traditional mediums of information, like newspapers and magazines that have turned digital to make content more readily available to a wider audience across the globe. With all this information available, how do you determine which is most useful and what resources do you rely on to get your information?

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Topics: Loss Prevention program and development

We Should All Have The Disney Store Problem

Posted on 2/5/16 10:00 AM

If your business is Main Street, customer or guest service is one of the pillars in your market share strategy. Some companies map out a coherent, action-filled process and practice to achieve their customer service goals. Some
companies just take a “fluff” approach. Social scientists have, of course, studied the employee-customer interaction experience and measured every aspect that is remotely measurable. The results are clear. Positive interactions result in customers spending more time in-store, spending more money, buying more add-ons, and making future returns to shop again. 
Unfortunately, customer experience shops (e.g. Mystery shops) often demonstrate that regardless of policy or process, the experience hinges on the individual employee…and sometimes what kind of day they are having or how busy they might be. So while the “customer experience” remains critical, the execution isn’t always consistent. The problem isn’t process and it’s not driven by a lack of commitment at the top level. The problem with customer service is more the battle between theory and practice. In theory leadership fully supports a positive experience, but in practice we do a really good job of making it second to just about every other task a store faces. In doing so, we send a conflicting message—deliver an exceptional experience, but also get all this other stuff done. Since the “stuff” is more easily and quickly measured it becomes the real employee priority. 
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Topics: Mystery Shopping, customer service

Video Blog Series-LP FAQ in 2- Audit Frequency

Posted on 1/29/16 1:00 PM

LP FAQ in 2 is a new blog series by LP Innovations which answers the mostly frequently asked LP questions in about two minutes. 

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Topics: Retail, Shrink, Retail Audit, Audits, Shrink Calculation, LP FAQ in 2, Audit Frequency

Multi-Tasking…is it a good thing or a bad thing?

Posted on 1/22/16 10:00 AM

Recently I attended a webinar offering tips on how to perform a certain task better.  The main tip was to make sure to be completely focused on the task and reduce all possible distractions during the time you are performing it.  The presenter mentioned that when someone states that ‘multi-tasking’ is one of their strengths, she is not impressed.

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Topics: career development

Chaos and Concern on Main Street

Posted on 1/14/16 1:21 PM

All the stories I’ll ever need are right here on Main Street,” wrote author Robert Cormier. The fact that Mr. Cormier had a proclivity for penning unhappy endings for his characters may seem prophetic for the things encountered on today’s volatile Main Street. 

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