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Rewind 2014 Is Here!

Posted on 12/16/14 11:05 AM

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A Look Back on Loss Prevention in 2014

With just eleven selling days left in this holiday season, we figured that there might be less time or energy for absorbing new ideas. So this week we are providing a recap and links to some of this year’s favorite blog topics.

How Bluetracs is Changing the ORC Game

“Back in the day” I was standing in a Marshalls store bigstock-Store-44120098watching the installation of an EAS system. I remember the excitement and the potential it represented. Finally, a  device that could watch shoplifters since we couldn’t watch them all. It was a game changer and within the first few weeks we were racking up the apprehensions—kids, moms, doctors. The missing link appeared shortly after with the arrival of the “soft” tag.  Read More


We Should All Have this Disney Store Problem

bigstock-Disney-Store-60393395If your business is Main Street, customer or guest service is one of the pillars in your market share strategy. Some companies map out a coherent, action-filled process and practice to achieve their customer service goals. Some companies just take a “fluff” approach. Social scientists have, of course, studied the employee-customer interaction experience and measured every aspect that is remotely measurable. The results are clear. Positive interactions result in customers spending more time in-store, spending more money, buying more add-ons, and making future returns to shop again. Read More



Top 3 Worst Business Trends for Loss

We live in an economy where cost cutting conversations have become more common than improvement discussions—unless of course you consider cost cuts as an improvement. Training departments and programs have moved from a staple to a luxury. But bigstock-Empty-rack-of-clothes-and-hang-66576664in saving the time and costs, we often sacrifice those hard-earned dollars we work so hard to earn. Industry experts estimate that nearly 15% of all losses are the result of error. Read More





Who's In Charge Of Loss Prevention

Interviews and Interrogations

There is a saying that “everyone has a boss.” In my twenty-something years the question of “who should LP report to?” has come up often and usually with passionate opinions as to the best reporting structure. support function and one whose dynamic responsibilities and flexible nature make it a good fit for almost any department. In a way, LP is like a universal blood donor - not a perfect match anywhere, but functional everywhere. Read More





When You’re Drowning, Sharks become Irrelevant

jaws-movie-poster-1I learned to swim at an early age and up until 1975 I considered all bodies of water to be created equally. In the summer of that year, however, I saw a little film called Jaws, after which a swim in the ocean created equal shares of joy and anxiety. Even today, although just a few miles from the Southwest Florida beaches it’s difficult to not think about the potential predator below the blue surface. When swimming I maintain a pretty strict policy—keep my wife between me and the open water…you know- just in case. Read More



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