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Temporary and Seasonal Locations – Shrink Sink Holes?

Posted on 10/15/14 9:25 AM

bigstock-dollars-falling-into-the-hole-53224150Temporary and Seasonal locations appear almost everywhere there is vacant space. From shopping centers to malls, retailers range each year from the ultimate Halloween destination to Christmas calendar shops. These stores are a retail trend that has been gaining momentum as appropriate real estate is more readily available with favorable pricing and leasing commitments. Retailers are looking more and more to temporary locations to test new markets, new concepts or for the old standby, seasonal locations. 

While these Temporary and/or Seasonal locations add a much-needed boost to a company's seasonal sales, these locations present a risk of shrink or losses eroding potential revenue benefits. Although increased revenue is a great story to tell, it is disappointing to learn after the fact that these locations did not give the intended boost.

The unique environment of these locations can be sink holes for shrink. Many times, the policies and procedures that are often followed in the full-line locations just don’t stick. With so many exceptions to the rules, polices and procedures become a free- for- all causing a plunge in revenue.

It is important for any retailer to apply its loss prevention practices to any Temporary or Seasonal Locations.  The change in location and set-up may require modification to the loss prevention policies and procedures, but loss prevention practices must nevertheless be implemented and adhered to in order to gain the intended benefit of the additional source of sales.


Topics: loss prevention, employee awareness, Holiday Tips, Seasonal and Temp Stores

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