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Target Store Programs: Why they really work

Posted on 10/2/15 10:05 AM

They go by many names—Target stores, Focus Stores, High Shrink Programs—all with the same purpose: To reduce the losses in our highest offender locations. The content of these programs vary in size and depth, but most contain similar components. The similarities makes sense since the most burdensome programs and the most stream-lined both work to create at least some reduction.

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5 Areas That Can Affect Your Store Audit Implementation Results

Posted on 8/14/15 10:25 AM

An audit can be an extremely valuable tool to indicate whether or not a store is operating according to expected standard guidelines and may indicate a potential shrink problem. One would think it’s easy to start auditing; create it, schedule it and gather results. There is more to audit implementation than you think. Here are 5 areas that you should be considering.

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