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Gearing Up For Success in the New Year

Posted on 1/6/15 11:36 AM

January inspires most professionals to make new plans and set new goals. There is an almost magic influx of motivation when we cross that arbitrary line of delineation between the old and the new year.  At LPI, we’re no different and we are busy planning and executing on all of the great possibilities that a new year and a fresh start can offer.

But like many industries, loss prevention is a game of numbers.

The most important numbers are those that indicate the success of our loss prevention programs. Numbers like shrink decrease, margin increase, apprehensions, admissions, and audit scores, all serve to either tell the tale of our success or to indicate places for improvement. 

Of course, as the saying goes, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take which means if you aren’t implementing specific objectives and setting specific goals, you won’t have any measurement to gauge your 2015 success. 

And goal setting is only half of the equation. Knowing your target is good, but having a plan to get there is of equal importance. So to help you re-establish your 2015 business plans and objectives, LPI is offering you this helpful 8 Step Annual LP Planner outline to ensure all the loss prevention basic best-practices are included in your plans. 

Authored by: Ray Esposito









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