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Hiring, Candidate Screening and the Debt Dilemma

Posted on 8/12/14 9:15 AM

A core principle of an effective loss prevention program is the tenet to “hire right.” We can avoid many potential losses when we employ associates with the right experience, skills, and attitudes. One character traits ties that all together nicely - integrity. The importance of integrity and its usefulness as a differentiator becomes clear when we consider hiring a candidate. Consider candidate A who has a great amount of experience in banking, has a strong skill set that includes understanding of procedures, and loves working with money. Sounds perfect unless candidate A is actually acquired his experience, skills, and money-loving attitude as a bank robber.

Obviously, not all integrity issues can be determined with a criminal background check as most candidates will not, in fact, have ever committed a crime. Most of what we can learn about integrity and personal responsibility in advance of actually hiring is limited. For many years, companies relied on credit checks. The details of an individual’s credit report could often shine a light on the more irresponsible candidates. And although, 60% of companies still report using credit checks at some level of employment screening, in the post 2008 world, the reliability of such reports requires a bit more depth of review.

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