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Is Your Deterrence Loud Enough?

Posted on 6/30/15 10:30 AM

The best way to avoid loss is to not experience any losses. That statement appears a matter of common sense and a proclamation of the obvious. And yet, we don’t always do a great job at asset protection. The core issue lies in both the types of actions taken and the efforts placed on the most successful strategy—deterrence.

To understand the short falls of deterrence, we must first separate it from processes meant to apprehend and those meant to protect. True deterrence doesn’t operate like a locked door and it’s not necessarily an investigative device such as a camera system or an exception based reporting software. In other words, a heavy steal gate doesn’t deter theft, it prevents theft by removing entry in the same way that our video recording doesn’t stop behavior, but helps us discover the individual responsible for the behavior. These devices are necessary and helpful, but they are limited in their benefits—a gate can only protect things behind it and a camera can only catch actions in front of it. Deterrence, when properly executed, however, operates within the individual and is not subject to the limits of physical space.

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The One Thing More Damaging than Internal Theft

Posted on 6/17/15 10:00 AM

I’ve spent a couple of decades observing attitudes on employee theft. Obviously it is not a question of whether or not employers believe it to be right or wrong. Unanimously, people agree that stealing is a bad thing, that it is illegal, and that such behavior hurts both the company and its employees. In fact, most managers accept that internal theft is a considerably sized problem. Where the conversation gets a bit dicey is when we move from a general “they” steal to the more specific “your people steal.”

In seminars I’ll often share the statistics the one in ten employee engage in dishonesty and that these actions are estimated to account for nearly half of all company losses. At this point I ask the audience to answer a few questions based on their own perceptions of the problem. I ask them to write down what percentage of theft causes loss in the following categories:

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