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3 Things You Must Have in This Year’s LP Planner

Posted on 1/8/16 1:00 PM

I’m a fan of the somewhat arbitrary line of delineation between the old and the new year. There is a certain excitement in the possibility found in a fresh start and I approach my brand new planner with the exuberance that others approach a holiday feast. While the latter is an act of reduction, I view all those empty pages, those unassigned dates, as an opportunity for creation. Admittedly my “plans” often extend beyond the time and resources available to complete the list.

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Evidence Based LP: The Right Solution with the Wrong Narrative

Posted on 8/21/15 9:45 AM

I read an article last week posted by Doctor Hayes in LP Magazine. The article on the need for Evidence Based Loss Prevention makes perfect sense and for the most part I agree with the good doctor’s opinion. I wrote along the similar line in my post, Is Your Deterrence Loud Enough. Our loss prevention goal is deterrence. We don’t have enough staff, money, or technology to “catch” them all, so the best method is one that prevents or deters theft when we aren’t looking.

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