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Loss Prevention: What's in a Name?

Posted on 6/10/15 9:59 AM

Most of my career I have heard my profession referred to as the “Loss Prevention Industry” somewhat routinely by many of my peers and fellow retail loss prevention professionals. A very curious description that apparently reflects a need by some to inaccurately describe what we do. At some level you could argue to challenge this notion is splitting hairs and not worth the debate. I disagree, how we define ourselves creates perceptions on how others perceive our value and the role we play in the industry we serve.

If asked by a perfect stranger to describe what I do, my response is I am a retail professional providing loss prevention expertise to my employer. In the unlikely event they push for a more expansive description I would add; a retail generalist with a specific expertise in the application of loss prevention best practices across “all” retail functional areas to help reduce loss, protect assets and ultimately help my company improve profitability. With a clear understanding it is a vital support function to help directly and indirectly improve earnings. The key concept being an important strategic contributor to a retail organization by helping drive improved earnings through the applica

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Benchmarking the Past

Posted on 3/4/14 11:30 AM

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