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Loss Prevention Isn't Sales Prevention

Posted on 5/19/15 12:04 PM

Over the years we’ve often heard Loss Prevention referred to as Sales Prevention.  This is usually in reference to merchandise protection and the different views of what that entails. On the one hand, the merchant needs the product visible and touchable in order to sell the product. On the other hand, loss prevention wants to ensure that the product cannot be stolen or damaged so it can be sold.  Which is the right course of action?

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Loss Prevention and Your Brand

Posted on 3/17/14 10:36 AM

 The breach of Target’s consumer data in December had a significant impact on the retailer’s holiday season. In truth, with industry consumer foot traffic down over 14% sales weren’t going to be exceptional anyway. In addition, although I’m not familiar with the details of Target’s line of responsibility structure, the breach probably had little to do with traditional loss prevention roles.

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