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Video Blog Series-LP FAQ in 2- Audit Frequency

Posted on 1/29/16 1:00 PM

LP FAQ in 2 is a new blog series by LP Innovations which answers the mostly frequently asked LP questions in about two minutes. 

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The Top 5 Audit Questions Revealed

Posted on 4/14/15 10:09 AM

Achieving a goal is simplistic in its complexity. We define our target objective, we create the process to get there, and then we periodically measure our progress. In loss prevention, the latter we measure through the audit practice. In that sense an “audit” can really be any type of measurement. In the retail and restaurant environment, we audit many different practices and at times our overzealous desire to measure “everything” can result in information overload - a topic I’ll discuss further in an upcoming post.

Although every audit question provides some form of information, some questions are better than others are. This principle, loss prevention interviewers learn early in their careers.

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