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A Shift in Crime or Flawed Perceptions?

Posted on 7/23/15 10:08 AM

A Shift in Crime or Flawed Perceptions?
The danger in guessing shrink contribution

I read this year’s National Retail Security Survey and it was nice to see such a large shift in human behavior. According to the recent survey, employee theft’s contribution to shrink substantially fell to 34%. That’s a decrease of over eleven percentage points since 2010 and a decrease of five from 2012.

And probably, most likely, quite…flawed.

Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not just that I have to update my sales deck that I am suspicious. Although I was immediately skeptical of the figure, I conducted some quick “back of the envelope math” to see if it made sense. I also relied on several other sources and over twenty five years of experience in coming to the conclusion that loss prevention professionals are making a big mistake if they use these opinions as reason to shift their focus away from internal theft issues.

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