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Why You Need Alerts, Not Alarms

Posted on 4/28/15 11:25 AM

I’ve been discussing the changing loss prevention landscape for a while. If I were to draw a picture that landscape would look much like an overgrown, barren field. This is not to present a negative, hopeless picture of the profession’s future, but rather to suggest that we cannot ignore the changing environment and simply “hope” that the days of old will return. Too many factors suggest that retail has struggled to transform for the past several years and that those who survive will be a different organism. 

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10 Reasons Associates Are Not Productive and What To Do About It

Posted on 7/1/14 1:34 PM

Do you have a productivity problem?  Are associates having trouble getting all their work done? Is there a project that never seems to get finished, or something that hasn’t even been started? Does it seem it impossible for staff to cross everything off their “to do” lists?  Following are ten examples of possible causes – and suggested solutions.

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How to Train Employees to Help & Prevent Theft

Posted on 5/6/14 1:15 PM


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Employee Training and Awareness-They Are Your Best Defense

Posted on 4/22/14 3:23 PM

One of the easiest and most direct channels for communicating the desired behavior is through a clear and concise awareness program. We can think of such programs as "education," in part because that is the main purpose, but in truth, this is our best shot at an advertising campaign.

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You Are Too Smart To Explain It Well

Posted on 8/22/13 11:36 AM

It might seem that intelligent and experienced people make the best teachers. Although true in some ways, in others, a high degree of intelligence, especially when coupled with a great degree of experience can impede effective teaching. It’s an issue with the brain and how it functions. Our brains are like an eccentric genius who saves everything, but whose office looks like a cornucopia of chaos. A mess of papers and books filled with all forms of information but with no discernible pattern of organization. That is how the brain works. It saves everything and gives little consideration to “how” everything is filed. It is however a genius in terms of retrieval. It “knows” where to find things in that mess. So a terrible filing system, but an excellent retrieval system. In truth, it is retrieval and not memory that determines perceived intelligence. People who can’t recall a phone number or a another person’s name can still recall the lyrics to hundreds of songs. That’s because the song lyrics were surrounded by a lot of cues - like music, environment, people you were with. I bet many readers could easily tell me who owns this phone number 8675-309 even though I separated it differently then we commonly recite phone numbers.

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Is Technology A Friend Or Foe To Loss Prevention?

Posted on 7/23/13 11:00 AM

Seasoned industry veterans can recall a time when a refund fraud investigation required the review of a vast number of receipts and participation in the “match the signature” game. The long, manual process was considered standard operating procedure for building a fraud case. Fortunately, technology has advanced over the years and has provided us with more powerful tools for detection and prevention. Technology, however, has also hurt our efforts in preventing loss. The advancements of some technologies meant to better our world have also created additional loss and concerns to our industry. This presents us with an interesting question;

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The Synergies between Operational and Loss Prevention Training

Posted on 7/10/13 12:30 PM

With retail becoming even more challenging in recent years, those winning the battle, rely on a customer service oriented atmosphere to keep their share of the consumer market returning and creating brand loyalty amongst shoppers.  Focus on Customer Service and your bottom line will reap the benefits.

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The Correlation Between Employee Theft and Employee Morale

Posted on 6/18/13 11:00 AM

I read a very interesting article awhile back published in the Gainesville Sun about employee theft (Business leader speaks out about employee theft). The article mentions Freddie Wehbe, the owner of a Domino’s franchise in Florida, who spoke to a number of business owners about an employee theft issue he dealt with at one of his franchise locations. To his credit, Mr. Wehbe decided to discuss the issue in a very public way in order to create some awareness about this significant problem that the writer of the article stated was “taboo in most business circles”.

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3 Bad Loss Prevention Habits

Posted on 6/11/13 11:00 AM

Life without habits would be inefficient. You probably haven’t given thought to “how” to tie your shoes since you were six years old. You can easily back out of your driveway (a complex series of movements) while drinking coffee, checking your email, and singing to your super secret copy of Celine Dion. 40% of our daily activities are done through cognitive remote control. Through a repeated process of Cue-Action-Reward our brains develop a routine that later requires almost no higher brain function to complete. Most often this is a good thing, but sometimes “habits” exist long after the initial reward or purpose has disappeared.

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Why Store Associates May Not Resolve Your Loss Prevention Issues

Posted on 6/4/13 10:27 AM

Frustration. Frustration can make us say and do things we would not normally say or do. Interacting in the workplace while frustrated has the potential to cause significant problems. We could inadvertently make a discriminatory comment and/or offend someone.

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